Posted by: advent4tw | October 30, 2008

ADVENT 2008 Testimony

Fong Yien Elementary School

Jojo Chen

Day 1

All nine of us teachers crammed into the 7 seated car; two in the back, one in the front shotgun seat, three in the passengers seat, and two in the back and one in the trunk. We pulled into the school, still remodeling for the new year. They were installing the AC, new paint, floors, and walls. There were already about 20 or so kids already there standing at the front of the school waiting for our arrival. We climbed out of the car and the kids watched us as we all tumbled out of the car, tired after it’s heavy load. We herded the kids into the rally room, finding out that this was a school that took off their shoes before entering most classrooms. When everyone was settled, we began introductions. We sang Making Melodies and Peace like a River. The kids were all sky and their voices muted. Their hand motions were small, inches away from their body. We kept having to scream louder, but only having the volume be the same. After the worship, was the skit. I was the runner GIRL. There was a lot of confusion on how much English we should have spoke, but that problem was soon solved by talking chinglish. The skit part one came to a close, and the kids were questioned to make sure that the point was put across the table. It was. We then broke up into our “small” classes of 25 to 30 students.

The teachers met their students personally and the real teaching began. We tried their English level to test how much they knew. Some were extremely low and some already knew how to read. The kids were all shy, timid and a little afraid of the teachers all wild and so energetic. We did the All About Me craft. They were all very careful to make it all pretty and nice. We spoke mostly Chinese and little English. We talked a lot and they talked little. We taught a lot about themselves and not a lot about God. We ended the day with shy goodbyes and racing out the doors.

Inside the car, cramped once again, we talked about the cute chubby kids and the lady like girls. There were a lot of “Oh Yeahs!” and “I think I saw him or hers!” on the car. We talked about all of the kids, schools, and what we taught. At home, we compared the day with the other schools, planned for the next day, And went to bed.

* * *

Day 5

We were into a 5 seater car, two in the trunk, 5 in the back, and two in the front shotgun seat. It seams like the longer we teach, the smaller the car gets. Still, the crowd that greets us before school never changes. There are always kids that shout “Lao shi li le!” (Teachers Here!) When our car pulls up. The children follow us into the rally room and find their seat on the ground. They are bubbling with excitement and anticipation on what we will learn today, what do we have planned for them, and what the last part of the skit is going to be. We start out with a simple worship of “Da Jin Gan” and “Yun Shang Tai Yang.” The kids were all dancing and laughing to “Da Jin Gang” and were all listening attentively while they learned the hand motions to “Yun Shang Tai Yang”. They sang loudly and confidently, something that they did NOT have before. They were all laughing at the skit and were waiting to see what was going to happen next. The classes were split, and it was class time for the last time. We all finished up any loose ends that needed to be finished, whether it was their passport, games, or they just needed to practice their class presentation. The children would be always surrounding the teacher, wanting to know more about us, what made us different that any other teacher they ever had. A question asked by the teacher would always be followed by a sea of raised hands or yells. Afterwards, the emails were given out, and it was time for our final rally. The kids were led into the rally room for the last time, and the classes began to present. The kids presented by class, and the songs sung were “Peace like a River”, “Making Melodies”, “Da Jin Gang”, “Deep Down Down”, and “Dao Gao Shan Ju Mu”. The kids sang with confidence and without a flaw. They were doing the hand motions perfectly, and smiles were plastered onto their faces. With that all done, it was time for the King of Hearts presentation. The kids were laughing at first, thinking it was another comedy skit, but soon, they began to see the real message. After the drama, Irene explained the meaning even deeper, and did an alter call. All the kids bowed their heads and almost all accepted Jesus into their hearts. After, there was a slide show reviewing our whole week. Then, there were the goodbyes. The students all surrounded each teacher and gave them each a hug. Some were laughing and some were crying. Either way, they were sad that the week had ended, but as we all know, their new life has just started.

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